g e n


Creation of the franco-japanese brand g e n. 

Collection of natural soaps and beauty accessories in life-essence boxes.

“Celebrate your inner beauty”

g e n  is a Franco-Japanese brand focused on inner beauty, which is of vital importance to everybody, no matter what their age or gender.

The creation is a collection of natural soaps and handcraft accessories.

2 Wood Boxes – Limited Edition – with 3 natural soaps and accessories : soap holder, comb, soap cutter, body brush, face brush, towel)

Its parfume inspired from Hinoki Forest in Japan created by Barnabé Fillion.


Barnabé Fillion, Perfumer – France, Paris

Sonamu Nishigaki/ Marubishi, Soap Maker – Japon, Kobe

Chuzo Tozawa/ Hinokikogei, Wood Master – Japon, Tokyo

Geneviève Chevallier, Ceramist Master – France, Paris

Takemi Tsuchiya/ Koyudo, Brush Maker – Japon, Hiroshima

Hayato Takasu/ Sunshine + CloudSpace creator – Japon, Hayama

Producer & Creative director Ai Tamura (Mirror)
Producer Masaki Matsukawa
Art directors Nishioka Pencil, Caroline Maillet
Production management Sophie de Veyrac