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Organic Cotton pure style
Made in Japan

Pristine is a Japanese organic cotton brand created by Avanti.

Avanti started using organic cotton in 1990. At this time, organic cotton was not widely known or understood in Japan. Against this challenging backdrop, Avanti started to import organically produced cotton, which it uses to create fabrics for its carefully planned products.

  • Ladies’ wear
  • Underwear
  • Accessories
  • Bedding
  • Bathroom items
  • Body care products
  • Men’s wear
  • Baby wear

As a pioneer of organic cotton items in Japan, Pristine continues to develop new additions to its lineup that always stay true to its standards of comfort and gentleness.

No Dyes

None of Pristine’s products use dyes.
All are made in an environmentally friendly way that employs no chlorine bleaches, fixing agents, or shrink-proof agents.

Made in Japan

As an heir to Japan’s long tradition of quality and reliable craftsmanship,
Pristine carefully oversees the entire manufacturing process,
from the cultivation of the organic cotton crops through to the creation of the fabric,
and then the production of clothing items.


Pristine items are fully traceable,
making it possible to see who did what and when at any stage of the manufacturing process.

Gentle Design

Pristine products are carefully designed to be gentle on both the skin and spirit.
Stress-free to wear, they can be washed at home and last for a long time.
The attentive Pristine approach results in clothing suitable for wearing in many different settings, from work to leisure.


At organic cotton fields, ladybirds are used as beneficial insects to combat pests.
As such, the ladybird is Pristine’s guardian angel.

The quality of its organic cotton is Pristine’s unique forte.